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5 bucks party challenges to play in a bar

Taking the bucks party to a bar, pub or club runs the risk of being like any other night out with the boys. You need to inject some craziness into the night to make sure the bucks party doesn’t just become a some indistinguishable faded memory. And we’ve got five of the best bucks party challenges to play in a bar.

Send the buck out in a chicken suit and see if you can find him in a bar (image: flickr/sarah and jason
Send the buck out in a chicken suit and see if you can find him in a bar (image: flickr/sarah and jason

Play it again Sam

Everyone loves those damn songs that get stuck in your head. You know the ones which have a set of lyrics that a monkey could remember, or keep repeating one word over and over and over??  Well the good news is you can easily use these awesome songs as bucks party challenges to play in a bar.

Each bucks party crew member buys a beer, or two, and the buck finds a juke box, sticks in a dollar, and selects the brain bashing track. The buck picks the magical word that everyone must drink to every time they hear it. The challenge is to pace yourself to get through the song without barfing your beer.

Here’s a couple of song ideas and magic words:

A word of warning though, be careful with your song choice to avoid stomach pumping. A song like Around the World by Daft Punk will only land a couple of the boys in hospital!

Strike a pose

Nope, this isn’t about dressing up like Madonna and vogueing all night long, but it could be depending on how you play these types of bucks party challenges to play in a bar.

The best man writes a bunch of ‘poses’ on pieces of paper and puts them into a glass… if you’re lucky you might find a beer glass or two lying around the bucks party. Poses might be an animal (such as a horse), object (like The Thinker statue), famous person (here’s where Madonna and Vogue comes in) or any other awkward and embarrassing pose you can think of (like an awesome b-boy move).

Each member of the bucks party entourage pulls a piece of paper from the glass, and that’s their pose for the rest of the night.

At random time through the night, the best man calls out “Strike a pose” and the last person to assume their pose takes a penalty. You don’t need to be Einstein to work out the penalty should be a shot or drink!


Test the lad's posing abilities with a sick b-boy pose (image: pixabay/picography)
Test the lad’s posing abilities with a sick b-boy pose (image: pixabay/picography)


Songs that mention alcohol make great drinking games as well. The Tubthumping Drinking Game is probably the best known song that fits this bill with its lyrics “you take a whiskey drink, you take a vodka drink, you take a lager drink, and you take a cider drink”.

Before the song starts, line up a few rounds of of whiskey, vodka, larger and cider shots. Each time this verse comes over the speakers, the players drink.

Other songs include Champagne Showers by LMFAOGin & Juice by Snoop Dogg or Tequila by A.L.T. & The Lost Civilization. So, work out your favourite songs that talk about drinks and turn them into legendary bucks party challenges to play in a bar.

Chicken Run

Chicken Run is basically hide-and-seek for drunk adults. The good news is that you need to get some fancy dress the buck. The name suggests a Chicken suit, but it could just as easily be a Where’s Wally outfit, Superman suit or Borat mankini.

Stick the buck in his outfit, give him a bag full of cash – a bum-bag is always in fashion – and send him off into your favourite bar strip to hide. Let him get a good 15 minute head start so he has time to find a good hiding place. The only rule is that it has to be in a bar in full public view. Just picture it… a fully grown man, wearing his chicken suit drinking alone… hilarious!

The bucks party crew splits up into teams of 2 or 3, and starts searching for the Buck. The first team to find the buck gets drink from the kitty. The challenge is over once the kitty is dry or all the teams have found the buck.

Who’s the next buck

Everyone loves a good bucks party, we all get soooo excited when we know one is on the cards. So, laying the foundations to create a future buck is one of the great bucks party challenges to play in a bar.

For this game, write the name a number of the single bucks party crew members on a multiple pieces of paper… or get a bunch of business card printed. Through the course of the night, the challenge is for the taken gents to sew as many seeds as possible to get the single fellas hitched as soon as possible.

Approach ladies in the pub, bar or club, talk up the single lads. It’s time to brush off the rusty pick-up lines and spread the love to those who need it the most.


And of course, we need to encourage everyone to drink responsibly.

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