Five shooting bucks party ideas

Here’s five rootin’ tootin’ gun slingin’ shooting bucks party ideas that’ll fire the groom-to-be into the world of marriage-hood with both barrels. Bring a good sized bucks party group and the buck will probably shoot free.

Shooting bucks party ideas: Clay pigeon shooting

Bucks party ideas: Clay target shooting (source: arc)
Bucks party ideas: Clay target shooting
(source: arc)

I just love the smell of gun powder in the morning… and the morning is a good time for bucks party clay target shooting, well before you crack your first beer of the day.

Take a double barrel shotgun, bring it to your shoulder, shout “pull” and blast that little round disk… if you can. Make things competitive and keep track of the sharp and not so sharp shooters. This bucks party idea will bring penalty drink tally rocket up once the triggers are off safety, making sure the Elma Fudds who couldn’t shoot to save themselves and make sure you start the buck with a suitable handicap.

Shooting bucks party ideas: Paintball

Bucks party ideas: Paintball (source:
Bucks party ideas: Paintball

Suit up. Things are about to get serious…ly painful!

Pelting each other with paint filled pellets is a painfully awesome bucks party idea. I mean, how often do you get the chance to legally shoot your mates? But you shouldn’t feel guilty about shooting the buck. Think of it as an important training session for his life of marriage. It’s simply preparing him for all the cheap shots that he’ll experience for the rest of his life… I won’t say who’ll be taking those cheap shots, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Shooting bucks party ideas: Archery attack

Bucks party ideas: Archery Tag (source:
Bucks party ideas: Archery Tag

Release you inner Robin Hood and see how you would have fared half a millennium ago. This is something a little different to paintball and laser tag. You can take the bucks party to an authorised archery tag field, or hire a mobile archery tag crew who will bring all the kit you need to set up in your own space.

These guys are experienced in a bunch of bucks party pranks that’ll have the buck feel like he’s a squealing boar from the game of thrones that’s got the King’s party of hunters hot on his tail.

Shooting bucks party ideas: Laser tag

Bucks party ideas: Laser Skirmish (source:
Bucks party ideas: Laser Skirmish

Want to focus more on strategy than pain for the bucks party, then Laser Tag might be the gig. While its not the “laser” that Dr Evil planed to vaporise the word with, it is a great way to suit up and pretend you’re an extra in the next Terminator movie. You can visit a purpose built laser centre, get a mobile laser equipment supplier to bring the  kit to you, or hire the gear and take it with you for a weekend of laser shenanigans.

Shooting bucks party ideas: Shooting range

Bucks party ideas: Shooting range (source: Ceppo)
Bucks party ideas: Shooting range
(source: Ceppo)

Learn to pack some heat at the bucks party and head to a shooting range to learn to shoot rifles, handguns, shotguns… or maybe a bazooka??!?. There are open air and indoor centres, so you should be able to find somewhere that can cater for what you and the boys need.

You’ll learn to keep your powder dry, and you’ll need to keep your whistles dry before heading there as well. These are real guns with real bullets, and they will cause real damage if things get out of hands. So listen up, say sober and shoot your favourite caliber, and make sure you get the centre’s gun slingers to show you a competition or two to keep the buck at the bottom of the leader board!

Bucks party ideas BONUS: Arcade games

Boys love shoot ém up games.  Always have, always will. A good way to sneak in a shooting bucks party idea is to head down to the arcade and drop a few gold coins. Or if you’re at home, plug in the Playstation or Xbox and circle round the telly and see the sharp shooter skills slowly deteriorate as the night goes on.

Keep the beers flowing, the challenge rounds going and the buck penalty board creative to make this old time favourite bucks party idea a real crowd pleaser.

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