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5 Winter Bucks Party Ideas

To borrow a phrase, “winter is coming”.

The bride has demanded a spring wedding which leaves you, the best man to organise the best buck’s party ever in the wet, cold and miserable season. You could get the guys together and head overseas for some fun in the sun…or you could make the most of the winter wonderland and plan a winter escape for the buck and his crew.

Here are 10 awesome winter buck’s party ideas for a winter bucks party that won’t leave you out in the cold.

Skiing or snowboarding is always a great winter bucks party idea
Skiing or snowboarding is always a great winter bucks party idea

1. Skiing and snowboarding

Winter = snow. Snow = ski season.

Strap a couple of planks to your feet, or just a board and go hurtling down the side of a mountain. Yep, winter makes a mountain missile out of anyone. A skiing and snowboarding bucks party is a great way to get outdoors in winter. There is no better way to get over being couped up in the cooler months than taking full advantage. Throw in some challenges in the slopes and you’ve got the makings of an awesome bucks party.

2. Bucks party ski lodge

Yep. The image that popped into you mind when you read that is exactly what you and the boys could be doing with the buck. Kicking back in a ski lodge, big open fire, fine wine and whiskey, good food. Get a lodge with a hot tub and you can all invigorate yourselves by soaking in the tub and then running nude out into the snow… I promise it won’t hurt a bit…

Get the fellas together and hire out a ski lodge for the ultimate winter escape
Get the fellas together and hire out a ski lodge for the ultimate winter escape

3. Snow festival

These are getting more and more popular every year. Ski lodges putting on a week or so of festivities to attract a bunch of party goers to the slopes. They usually involve a lot of fun and frivolity, 24 hour paying and not a lot of sleeping. If it’s a winter dance party you’re after then a bucks party at a snow festival might be just the ticket you’re after… They might even have an ice water challenge or two that you could enter the buck into For some extra fun.

4. Bucks party bonfire party

I can see the comments now… How irresponsible, we live in one of the driest countries in the world how can you suggest a bonfire party? Well, the truth is that when planned responsibly, a bonfire can make an awesome winter night. It’ll keep you warm all night long, just go easy on the booze so you don’t have to practice the stop drop and roll manoeuvre. To be on the safe side, check with the local fire brigade to find out about restrictions and ways to make sure the night is safe.

5. Movie marathon

WHHHAAAAATTTTT! Sitting down and watching movies? What kind of party is that? One that says it’s farking cold outside. Heater on. Cold beer in the fridge. Nice warm space for entertainment to perform… if that’s your thing. Choose a theme for the night like Fast and Furious 1 through 7, or the God Father and plan the whole night around that theme. A killer night might just be the night at home where everyone is not who they are!

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