There’s a lot of ways you can get the buck to his bucks party. In the comfort of a luxury limousine, perhaps an exotic sports car or even channelling Arnie and telling him to ‘ged in da choppa’. But one of our favorites is to catch him unawares on a quiet street, bundle him up in the back of an SUV and kick the bucks party off with a surprise bucks party abduction.

As any kidnap-and-ransome crime gang will tell you, planing is key to a successful bucks party abduction. You need to know the buck, his movements, his loves and his fears and strick at the perfect time when his guard is down.

Slip in and out basically unnoticed is the plan. No yelling, no screaming, no blood.

Masking your identity as the kidnapper is also crucial in a bucks party abduction. Your victim can’t know who’s nabbed him or the game is up. It’ll feel less real for him and the fear factor will evolve into uncontrolled laughter.

And if all this fails then just go fuck it, zip tie his hands and feet and man-handle the buck into the back of the van. Let that little bitch whale like a 3 year old thats dropped his lollie pop.

The gig is up and the goal is to just get the man in the van so that the bucks party shenanigans can start to roll on.

Bucks party abduction done right

Check out how these fellas pulled off their bucks party abduction like a YouTube trained surgeon with a butter knife scalpel.

After the snatch n grab, they taped a massive penis to the bucks head, got him a super classy permanent texta tattoo and then paraded him round the streets in a super sexy midriff top.

Because that’s what friends are for.