Assume the Position

‘Assume the Position’, also known as Toy Soldiers, is a great bucks party drinking game that only gets more entertaining as the night goes on and the drinks go down.

Goes without saying, preparation is pretty easy, just buy a bag of toy soldiers from the local discount store. Preparation sorted.

Toy Soldier “Assume the Position” drinking game

Starts out pretty simple

When the night kicks off, everyone on the bachelor party picks a plastic toy soldier. Everyone makes note of the stance adopted by the little plastic fella.

It works best to help the buck select his soldier to make sure it’s one of the more challenging positions, remember, all drinking games have winners and losers and it never hurts to stack the odds so the buck loses as often as possible!

Playing the drinking game

Assume the position

At random points throughout the night, the best man shouts out “assume the position”, and everyone snaps into their little plastic toy soldier’s pose.

Now, remembering that a game isn’t a game without winners and losers, the last party-goer to ‘assume the position’ has to down their drink.


At all times, all bucks party members must have their little man on them. Random possession checks drills can be held at any time by anyone calling out ‘Produce’, at which point, everyone must present their toy soldier.

Anyone who can not produce their toy soldier has to down their drink.

This work well if you put a time limit on producing, say within 3 seconds, or if everyone somehow manages to keep their soldier on them and producing is getting a bit boring, change the rules so that the last one to produce has to down their drink.



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