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Be careful with your invites… or not…

A US bachelor party in Philadelphia had an unexpected, albeit invited, guest join them to celebrate the upcoming nuptials for groom Jeff Minetti. A simple slip-of-the-finger saw Jeff spell the email address wrong for one of his mates. Jeff unknowingly invited Joey DiJulio of Washington instead of his mate that was a bit closer to home.

Watch your p's and q's when sending your email invites
Watch your p’s and q’s when sending your email invites

But instead of politely replying to Jeff and letting him know of the error of his ways,  Joey set up a Go Fund Me page and raised a bunch of money to get himself a ticket on the bucks party express. Being a fly on the wall and hearing the plans for the party was too much for Joey to pass up, he just had to get to Phili and meet this bachelor party crew.

Joey contemplated just turning up unannounced, but thought that might be a bit stalkerish, so he contacted the groom to let him know the error of his way. In true bucks party style, Jeff welcomed him along to join in the festivities. Joey upped the ante on the Go Fund Me page raised $8k, giving a big chunk of money toward the lucky couple’s honeymoon.

So, the moral to the story… make sure you’re not all thumbs when sending the invites out, make sure you know who your friends are and get their addresses right, and if you stuff up invite the randoms along anyway!!!  It might just make the night even more awesome.

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