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Beer pong

This game of skill… no, chance… no, definitely skill… is a great way to get the bucks party started.

What you’ll need…

Teams of 2 players. Usually only 2 teams, but you could have more if you have a large enough table… or have a network of tables spread across the room!

Set up takes about 2 minutes

Equipment supplies are a table(s), plastic cups (10 per team), ping pong balls and, of course beer.

Accuracy, eye–hand coordination, alcohol tolerance.

Game length is about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on your level of skill.

Games played later in the party have been known to turn into a several hour marathon. It’s important you train hard to develop a strong constitution if you plan to pong after midnight.

Hows it work?
Each team fills their 10 cups with beer and arranges them in a triangle in front of them.

Teams take turns at trying to land the pingpong ball in to the opposing team’s beer filled cups.

The shooter can shoot a full toss or on the bounce, it doesn’t really matter. Although we should note that if the shot is on the bounce, the defending team can try smash the ball out of the way using their hands, beer bottle, light saber, or anything else close at hand.

If the pingpong ball hits its mark and land in a cup, the defending team drinks an the cup is removed from the table.

Teams take it in turns to shoot til all the cups have been downed and everyone falls over.

If by some chance everyone is still standing, rack ’em up and start again!

But the best thing about the rules is their flexibility. Don’t like them, make up new ones. Don’t want to use beer, use rum and coke. Rather use a basketball and 10 litre buckets, your call…

But the most importantly, don’t forget to add in rules that mean the buck has to drink. Maybe if the ball goes off the table, the buck drinks, or 5 landed in a row, the buck drinks. One of the team spews, the buck drinks. Be creative!

Pretty simple, eh?

But there’s bound to be someone who doesn’t get it, so here’s a handy video. If you still don’t get it, maybe you shouldn’t be playing beer pong.

And here’s some beer pong bucks party action shots… Some of these guys take their beer pong pretty seriously…

WARNING: Beer Pong can lead to carpentry…

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