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Benny’s Bucks Party Extravaganza

What’d you do:

Abduction, road trip, paintball, stripper and house party, oh, and ping pong.

What’d it cost per head:

About $250

Where was it at:

Kiama, NSW


Shannon from Sex Bomb Promotions – awesome entertainment!!
Ultimate Skirmish Paintball in Helensburgh

Benny was a bit worse for wear after his bucks party in Kiama
Benny was a bit worse for wear after his bucks party in Kiama

The story

It all happened over a weekend in February. We gave Ben a bucks party weekend he’ll never forget – showing the lucky fella off in style.

The abduction

The bucks party started on Friday, about lunch time when the ‘best man’ and his two accomplices gained semi-authorised access to Ben’s office building. Dressed up as Darth Maul, a Gorilla and a cute-as-a-button Bunny, we slipped in through a back door into the building and barged into the ‘meeting’ we had scheduled for Ben.

Once in the meeting, we silently handcuffed the buck and led him around every level of his nine story building. Despite his objections, we then proceeded to march him through the CBD of Canberra, taking every opportunity to stop to get pictures with passer-byers that thought the whole thing was hilarious – remember, all the ‘people on the street’ were seeing was a poor buck, handcuffed, trying to hide his face being led around the shopping centre.

Acknowledging that stage one humiliation had been achieved, the abductors dragged Ben to the getaway car that was to take him on a three-day bucks party extravaganza… a cavalcade of five vehicles completed to procession onto the bucks party venue.

The bucks party pad

A humble five bedroom house with ocean views in Kiama was earmarked as the bucks party pad for the next couple of days. A total of 14 guys, plus the buck were to call this place home for the next two nights and three days.

Kitted out for a bunch of blokes, the house slept about 15 people, had two fridges and a bbq – all the basic essentials and bucks party needs!! Oh, almost forget the all important ping-pong table.

Paintball… Bucks party style

Well, we’ve all heard about the bucks being ripped ‘a new one’ when paintballing is on the agenda for a bucks party, but this brought things to a whole new level…

The guys at Ultimate Skirmish Paintball in Helensburgh really showed us a great day. More games than you could poke a stick at and finishing it off with ‘the wedding party bus’ event – pretty much exactly how it sounds… The buck, best man and groomsmen all hide in an old burnt out bus while the other ten bucks party-goers shower them with paintballs.

Unfortunately, not all the paint balls were used in the wonderful bus event, so the lucky groomsmen also got to do a gauntlet run… does it get any better??

Afternoon on the beach

What better place to lick your wounds after a day of battle than down the beach. Just a stroll from our bucks party pad was the awesome beaches of Kiama. Complete with limps, bruises and grazes.

Sensational stripper

The night’s entertainment was absolutely mind blowing. Big hats off to Shannon from Sex Bomb Promotions for making the hike from Sydney to Kiama for the show – and to the big-burly mountain of protection she brought with her, respect…

That show gave us all a new found level of respect for our police force… and a few too many new ways to use a police baton (luckily – or unluckily??? – Benny was the only party goer who mis-behaved enough to need to be beaten by it).

And the night rolled on into the next day

Who knows what happened next?? Not us… the night rolled on with drinks, food, poker and ping-pong. People passed out and had vulgar artworks drawn on them, T-Rev went for a mid night stroll and slept the night on some poor random ladies from lawn and Matt’s car keys ended up in the hopper. Just your typical night out really…

Quote of the party

“You’re terrible Shannon” – Matt, thanks for being the weekends non-female entertainment!!

Words of wisdom

If you’re going to abduct the buck from his work place, make sure you clear it with his boss/building security first.


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