Chip in: The Big Beertha is a gentleman’s golfing beer bong

The Big Beertha had an inspirational beginning, and we’re almost compelled to put our cap-in-our-hand-held-over-our-heart as we read… “Have you ever shotgunned a cold beverage on the golf course? If you’re a golfer, the answer is yes. Have you ever beer bonged on the course? Chances are, you haven’t. Beerbongs have long been considered a serious faux pas on the golf course…until now.

What we like about the Big Beertha is that it’s practical, yet practical. It’s a full sized golf driver with a 400cc head that stores right in your golf bag. But it’s not only a driver…it’s also a stealthy beer bong. Actually, it’s not actually a driver, so make sure you read the fine print (which is amusing in and of itself).

We reckon it’s something that a golf loving beer fearing buck would love, so get online and place your order, organise one of those USA to Australia shipping services, and get your Big Bertha here in time for that golf themed bucks party.

Big Beertha is a fantasy that became reality

Big Beertha’s creators are individuals with vision. They had a dream. A dream to be able to pull a beer bong on the golf course while maintaining one’s reputation, because if you don’t have your reputation, what do you have? Big Beertha, that’d what you have.

And it seems there’s a free people around the world that share that vision. Their Kick Starter campaign was asking for a mere $15k. It’s safe to say they got a hole in one and then some, raising over $48k from almost 750 backers.

That’s a lot of discerning gentlemen who want to chug a beer bong on the fairway.

They’re committed to Big Beertha’s quality and performance

The Big Beertha crew are keen to make sure you know how to chug your drink of choice from the club of choice, and have a bunch of vids showing just how it should be used. Watch them all here or these couple below:

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