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Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of … an awesome bucks party idea!

The bucks party that rocked... on the boat that rocked...
The bucks party that rocked… on the boat that rocked…

Shiver me timbers, and ahr ahr me maties (and I promise that’s the end of the pirate and Gilliagn’s Island references), get on board for some smooth sailing to having a great bucks party.

Whether you book a leisurely afternoon onboard a catamaran, a sailing ship or a night club on water, either way, on the water is a great place for a bucks party.

The great thing about hitting the water is that there’s so much to do when you’re out there.

By day, you can head off to nearby island resorts and ride jet skis, go kayaking or have beers and BBQ on a private beach – no, no, we’re not getting all romantic here, we’re more thinking ‘Lord of the Flies’ style where you go all cannibal on each other… or at least the buck…

Charter a boat at night and you have your own night club that floats – the boat that rocks. You can get DJs, drinks, poker or blackjack parties and, of course, waitresses and of female entertainment (dressed as Mary Ann perhaps?) to make sure that boat keeps a rockin’ all night long.

Sailing the harbour at night, with some 'light entertainment' might be just what the Buck ordered!
Sailing the harbour at night, with some ‘light entertainment’ might be just what the Buck ordered!

And remember, if you’re concerned about keeping your bucks party legal, just head further out to sea… I hear once you’re in international waters, pretty much everything’s legal*.

This could just be the bucks party idea you’ve been looking for – check out the ocean cruises in the Bucks Boardroom Business Directory!

*Note: remember, if you get caught, it might not be legal, and we accept no responsibility!

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