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Boot camp

Boot camp. Not an activity you’d usually think of when coming up with bucks party ideas.

How to make the buck spew on his bucks party... before the drinking even starts!
How to make the buck spew on his bucks party… before the drinking even starts!

But this idea has legs… and it works them out like you wouldn’t believe.

This is a great activity to tailor to the bucks personal style. If he’s a beer drinker, get the drill master to make the buck lift kegs.

If he likes a pizza or two, put him in training to be the next Dougie and watch him deliver pizza around the neighbourhood.

Maybe he fancies himself a bit of a singer?? Then make sure you prepare a few ‘marching songs’ for him to serenade passer-byers with.

If your buck is actually a fitness freak, set a challenge for the drill master to break him… Dolph Lundgren style like in Rocky IV. Tell them you don’t want to see him stop till his insides are on the outside…

The beauty of a bucks party boot camp is that the bucks party guests, ie the best man and co., don’t have to take part in these festivities.

In fact, it is often better if you sit on the sidelines and call out phrases on support like “Hope you have more energy than this on your wedding night” or “Opps, sorry fellas, looks like we scored the hens night instead of the bucks party”

You can sit back and relax while the boot camp drill sergeant makes the buck burn enough energy for everyone.

Cruel? Yes. Mean spirited? Yes. Perfect bucks party idea? Yes.


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