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Bottle top drinking games for your bucks party

If we know bucks parties, and I think we know bucks parties, then its likely that there’s going to be a bit of drinking going on. All that drinking, all those bottles, all those bottle tops… what to do with them?!??!  Well, just in time for some inspired intervention are these great bottle top drinking games.


Caps - flick your bottletops into a glass... pretty easy really! (source DJ Spiess
Caps – flick your bottletops into a glass… pretty easy really! (source DJ Spiess

Caps is one of the great team-based bottle top drinking games… think the buck and the wedding party on one team and everyone else on the other, or if you’ve got a big bucks party split up in to three or four teams. Then all you need is a couple of cups, a few bottle caps and a table.

Teams stand around the table with their cup in front of them. Each team takes turns and shooting the caps into the the other team’s cup. In the shot is good and lands in the cup, the team that own that cup drinks. If the shot is no good, then the shooter’s team drinks.  Pretty simple really.


You open your bottle, stack up the caps and whoever makes the tower of caps fall has to drink. This is one of the simplest bottle top drinking games you’ll come across.  Make things tricky for the buck with an earthquake every time he plants a new cap on the top.

Battle shots

Inspiration for this bucks party bottle top drinking game is the classic board game Battleship. Dust off the old game board you’ve got stashed in the back of the cupboard, or get creative and build your own board. All you need is a couple of pizza boxes and a black permanent marker – if you’re familiar with the game, I’m sure you can work it out from there.

The bottle caps are the ships. If the other player someone lands a shot on your ship you’ll be drinking – not sinking! As a side note, having a black permanent marker can be used to deliver an extra artistic penalty for the first person to pass out (if you get my drift).

Bottle cap darts

While it takes a bit of planning to get this game running on the night – unless you’re a regular Tim-the-Toolman-Taylor and can make your own – you’ll need to buy a bottle cap dart board. But set it up, get flicking and tally up the drinking points!

If you’re inspired on the night to get one of these bottle top drinking games going, but you didn’t buy a board, then find yourself something magnetic and loosen the rules up to just getting a cap to stick… that’ll be challenging enough! You might also want to make the rule that if one does stick, the buck drinks!

So many great ideas to make the meagre Bottle Cap a real source of entertainment at your bucks party (source: Wells)
So many great ideas to make the meager Bottle Cap a real source of entertainment at your bucks party (source: Wells)


Buy the right beer and you’ll be blessed with dozens of general knowledge trivia questions that will be sure to stump the buck. Target the buck to be peppered with all the questions and they’ll get progressively harder as the night progresses and he drinks more and more.

Target shooting

Target shooting bottle top drinking games are simple and can be played pretty much anywhere. Take a cap, call a target and flick to shoot. Hit the mark, you name the drinker… who is of course the buck. Miss the mark and you’re the drinker.


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