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Brisbane bucks party

Brisbane got its tongue-in-cheek nick-name, Bris-Vegas, many years ago because it was a sleepy little capital city that was nothing like the US party town, Las Vegas. Well, the Brisbane now owns its nick-name, and has woken up from being a sleeping country town and became one of the major party scenes on Australia’s east coast.

What this means is that Brisbane has everything a bucks party could want. Brisbane’s nightlife crosses the city and will keep the buck’s posse rolling from one eye opening place to the next. And there more daytime bucks party activities than you could fit into a week-long bucks extravaganza.


Brisbane Bucks Party: A city that has it all

If you can’t find it in Brisbane, it probably doesn’t exist. From the races—that’s car, horse, dogs and everything else in between—go karting, paintball or shooting on the city fringes, water sports and outdoor adventures on and along the river, brewery tours, golf or dropping a lazy-hundred on the tables at the Casino, Brisbane has you covered. You can even catch a game from any of the major footy codes or the Cricket at the Gabba or Suncorp stadiums if you’re so inclined.

And let’s not forget that Australia’s sin-city has you covered if you want to throw a bachelor party that kicks on all night long. There’s a tonne of great bars and restaurants for you to ease you and the boys into the night’s festivities. As a bonus, the bars and nightclubs attract some of the sunshine state’s hottest eye candy that everyone can admire into the wee hours.

If you fancy some slightly less clad eye candy, there’s a bevy of strip clubs and gentleman clubs across the city that can scratch that itch for you too.

Brisbane Bucks Party: A stone throw from the coast

While Brisbane city itself is not on the coast, its urban sprawl now hits the ocean which means you can get some of the sea-fairing activities in for your bucks party. And it’s only a stone throw from the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, meaning if you want to soak up some rays, hit the beach or catch some waves, there’s plenty of time to fit that in during the day, and hit the city’s restaurants and night life later on.

Brisbane is a great place to make a weekend of it. Roll into town on Friday night, have a quiet dinner and a few drinks a one of the local whiskey bars. Start the next day with some paintball before lunch and a round of golf that afternoon. Saturday night is all about the nightlife. Dinner and clubbing in the Valley, and for the boys that fancy it, a gentleman’s club on the way home. Sunday morning is a great hangover breakfast, followed by a recovery massage and a late check-out.

Now, that sounds like a holy weekend in Australia’s sin city.

So start saving now, get your shit into gear and plan that weekend in Brisbane. A bucks party in Bris-Vegas might be just the send off the buck needs into marriage-hood.

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