Hunt the Buck at these Brisbane paintball fields

There’s good reason paintball is one of the more popular bucks party ideas, and Brisbane paintball fields live up to the hype.  Get out into the great outdoors where the light is right and ambiance is just perfect to hunt the buck, stake your kill and hang his head on your trophy wall… well, maybe. There’s a bunch of fields within a stones throw of Brisbane. Really, it’s pretty easy to roll a bit of paintball pain into the bucks party festivities.
Paintball is a great bucks party idea (source:

Top Gun Paintball

Around 10 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD, Top Gun Paintball let’s you rain down terror on the buck in bush, village and open fields. Lots of package options, group deals and special discounts and perks for the organiser means you should check out this Brisbane paintball field for the buck’s party.

Skirmish Samford

Travel a bit past the beautiful Samford area and you’ll hit Skirmish Samford. They reckon this Brisbane paintball field is a better option than airfreighting the buck to Hobart… we find that hard to believe…  but they also offer deals as sweeteners to shoot on their turf. Rightly so they say paintball is a great bucks party activity where the buck’s in-laws are on the invite list, and we agree. It also gives the buck the opportunity to shoot his soon-to-be father in law in the ass, so it’s win-win really.

Brisbane paintball lets you play war (source: Kuloglija Kula)
Brisbane paintball lets you play war (source: Kuloglija Kula)

National Paintball Fields Blacksoil

Venture West a little past Ispwich and you’ll find NPF Blacksoil. 30 acres have been set aside for this Brisbane paintball field for you to run around like a bunch of fools, branding each other with rainbow filled orbs. Deals for bucks parties are like the majestic siren songs that drew sailors and their ships to their demise as they crashed on the rocks… They also have Archery Tag if you’re keen to test your Robin Hood skills.

Delta Force Paintball – Petrie

Bringing movie set quality game zones and a team who are more than happy to help you dress the buck up in a pink frilly dress so he’s easier to set and shoot, Delta Force Paintball Petrie is a great bucks party venue just north of Brisbane. Their creativity doesn’t stop at fashion, they can also suggest a range of games to make the day more interesting, like “hurt the General”… but who might the General be?



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