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Bucks parties are good for your health, it’s official

Drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Eating artery thickening foods. Lazing around on your fat ass telling jokes to get your fat-man belly laugh going. You wouldn’t be considered that crazy if you thought these things were typical on a bucks night. But this Reddit user is a one-man ball of scientific proof that bucks parties are good for your health… no really, he took a screen shot of the app on his phone. that’s hard, indisputable scientific proof in our book.

So get the boys together, break out your party shoes and strip yourself of any guilt you might have had. The science is and it’s clear that partying hard with your mates is as good as climbing 23 floors of stairs, running almost 10km, or taking more than 13,300 steps… I’m exhausted just thinking about it (now where’s my beer – I need to start my own research to see if bucks parties are good for your health).

So last month I had a bucks and I’d been off booze and had been eating healthy for the past 6 weeks. But, come on, its my best mates bucks party. I’m going to celebrate the shit outta that and I most certainly did.

I had some guilt the following day until I actually read the report of my daily activity from my fitbit. Holy shit did it tell a story. I had not realised how active we were. The fact that we were up at 9am till 3am with all sorts of activities during the day countered quite a bit of the unhealthy consumption that accompanied it.

Either way, have a cheat once and a while people! It helps maintain your sanity!

Is this proof that bucks parties are good for your health?
Is this proof that bucks parties are good for your health?


Story source: Reddit

Thumbnail image credit: flickr/Murray Barnes

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