Bucks parties on Instagram are having more fun than you

Instagram. It’s the place we all go to see who is living life better than you. And there’s been some fun around the traps according to these bucks parties on Instagram.

These lads have carefully curated their social media feed to show the fun had by all as they celebrated sending their mate of into the world of marriage-hood. But be careful, bucks parties and social media can spell trouble. We recommend taking a leaf out of these social pages and only post what you’d be happy to see on the front page of your local rag… The one your folks, grandmother and second grade teacher reads.

Bucks parties on Instagram

From Brisvegas to Las Vegas, here’s what you’ve been missing out on.


Bucks party brewery tour in Brisbane

The buck was chained up the entire day. There’s no way these bucks parties on Instagram could have gotten the buck into trouble.


Bucks party pool party in Las Vegas

Honest, we just sat in the pool, kept looking forward and had a couple ofm drinks. What else is there to do in Vegas?

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Vegas sucks #bucksparty #brotherinlaw #bestmen

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If you can’t beat ’em, shoot ’em

We were safe. There were heavily armed people there to keep the riff-raff out.


Keep bucks party social media cryptic

Socks. That’s all we did all night was buy new socks. A man can never have to many socks. Did I mention the socks?

Wear your bucks party war wounds with pride

Honest. The bruises are from paintballs. What else could these bucks parties on Instagram mean?



Lay out some bills out on the fillies

We’re only here for the punt. We never looked anywhere other than the track.



Take time to contemplate life after the buck’s party

It was just the nine of us sitting back and thinking about the perfect women in our lives. We were here all day long.


Any chance to get you bowls out

I spent all day running those trouble makers of of town… It was a day of civil service really.






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