Bungee Jump Bucks Party Prank

This awesome prank is sure to get the buck’s adrenalin pumping, anxiety levels pinging and leave him feeling like a relieved fool. This bachelor party prank takes a bit of planning, but it can be done pretty much anywhere and is well worth the effort.

Check out this vid of the prank in action.

Bungee into water:

Preparing the Prank

There’s a bit of preparation to do for this bucks party prank. It works best if you have a bungee jump close to where you’re hosting the bucks party, or to be able to convince the buck that there’s a new bungee spot open close to home.

You can either set it up as a bungee into water – you know, a pool, pond, river or lake – or a bungee onto a mattress.

If you want to make it the bungee jump prank into water, make sure you find a clean body of water. You don’t want the fun of watching him duck dive two feet ruined by having to rush him to hospital.

Alternatively, you can set it up so the buck lands on a soft mattress. Again, make sure the drop isn’t so far that the buck’s duck dive will result in having to see nurse betty.

You’ll also need to make sure there a launch-pad for the buck to bungee from. You could build a small landing or find a jetty or landing you can set up the prank up at.

Finally, get a hold of a harness and rope to make it seem legit that you’re strapping the buck into the bungee harness. To make it seem really legit, see if you can rope in a couple of people the buck doesn’t know to meet you at the ‘bungee location’ so he hears unfamiliar voices that reassure him everything will be OK, all the while the best man and the rest of the party goers are jeering the buck!

Now, with the location set, props ready to go and strangers lines up, it’s time to prep the buck.

On the Day

It’s the day of the bucks party. Tell the buck he’s going to do a bungee jump… make it really nasty. Stir him, taunt him, give him a hard time. Lay it on really thick. Don’t forget to dress him up in an awesome bungee costume, after all, you want him looking his best!

Then blindfold him, make sure he can’t see a thing, and put him in the car to drive him to the bungee jump site. Take your time. The longer you drive around, the more disorientated he’ll get and have no idea where he’s going. Also, it give you more time to stir him up!

The more anxious you can make him the better. You want him in cold sweats by the time he gets to the bungee prank location. If he cries a few tears it wouldn’t be a terrible thing.

Have the strangers greet him and offer some reassuring words as they strap him into the harness, making sure the bucks blindfold stays on the whole time. Lead him out onto the launch-pad and wait for him to take the plunge.

The Result

Watch his world of surprise as he plunges into the water or lands face first onto the mattress. You’ll probably hear a gasp of surprise, followed by a sigh of relief and closed out with a belly full of laughs.

And the best thing is it’s all in the name of hazing the buck and having a great time.


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