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Calvin Harris’ most baller bucks party moment

Calvin Harris is pretty cool. A lot of us wish we could walk in his shoes for a couple of days. And apparently he’s a pretty good mate as well. In a recent interview he revealed his most baller bucks party moment is organising a backstage bar for his mate at where he built a bar back stage at the T In The Park festival.

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That’s right. Calvin Harris built a bar back stage at a festival he was playing… an exact replica of the bucks bar. Now that is pretty baller.

In a recent interview, Harris straight up said his most baller moment was recreating his mate’s pub backstage at T In The Park festival for his bachelor party. In true bucks party style, it was a complete surprise for the buck.

No expense was spared on the creating the make shift pub. Harris set a team on it, forking out small fortune to recreate the drinking spot his mate, Mark Irving, runs in his home town of Dumfries.

This truly was a baller effort. The pub was complete with full bar and working taps, leather sofas and a pool table in the festival’s VIP area.

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