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Casino at your place

You don’t have to head out and spend all your hard earned cash at the Casino to have fun at the tables. Setting up a casino night at the bucks party pad is a great way to have the thrill of the win without the burn in the pocket.


There’s two ways to set up a home casino.

First is to buy a deck of cards, a couple of dice or one of those dodgy multi-game casino tables and get cracking. The best thing about this DIY casino is that you are the house and can set the house rules!  Want to do something to put the buck at a disadvantage, like he can only get a blackjack with a King and Ace of diamonds, then you can do that. Want the buck to only be able to bet on black in roulette, well, that’s OK too. Should the buck have to do a shot every time snake-eyes are rolled in craps, well that sounds fair to me. Remember, don’t let your morals get in the way of setting some grueling rules for the buck.


Second is to call in mobile casino experts. Paying a professional gaming company to come in a host your casino night is a great way to have a bucks party you won’t forget.  They bring the equipment, the rules and have the experience under their belt to help show the buck a ‘good time’. They do this all the time and can help you to plant the best bucks party casino night possible. Just one or a range of casino games, no worries. These guys are set up to help you plan the night, get things pumping and set a real casino atmosphere.


On top of this, you can choose your host… or hostess… for the evening and make it as straight up or wild as you like. Want to keep it as a true boys night bucks party, get a seasoned casino dealer gentleman and crack your own beers from the bar. Keeping the night purely about the sport of gambling, with no other distractions, is a good clean way to spend the night. And why not throw in a lesson or two as well so when you do head off to the real-world tables, you have a better idea of what’s going on and tip the favour your way!

Image credit: edhar / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: edhar / 123RF Stock Photo

But it’s not unusual for the bucks party to want a bit of a distraction to help overcome the pain of losing all night long. Getting a sexy female dealer, maybe a stripper dealer, complemented with a couple of lingerie or topless waitresses can be a very welcome distraction. Rent a penthouse and transform the bucks party into a Vegas-style high-roller night full of excess that everyone will remember for years… just don’t lock a tiger in the bathroom.

Cigars and whiskey, beer and chips or martinis and olives… everything goes well with a bucks party casino night!

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