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Comedy – stand up

A great bucks party idea to slip into the evening’s festivities is a going to a stand up comedy show.

Tell the club you’re on a bucks night and get the comedian to burn the man of honour
Tell the club you’re on a bucks night and get the comedian to burn the man of honour

There’s something about live comedy that has a rich shallowness, a planned but off the cuff feeling about it that you just don’t get watching a DVD or YouTube clip. Sure the pre-recorded stuff is funny, but it doesn’t have that personal touch about it that live stand up comedy comes with.

The best thing about stand-up is that the comedian is a fun kinda person. They’re there to have a good time and show the crowd a good time too. They like to get a laugh out of the crowd and try hard to get a bit of audience-interaction going. I mean, what’s funnier than seeing someone else getting strips torn off them??!?!

So, the thing to do if your bucks party activities includes going to a stand up comedy club is to make sure you ‘inadvertently’ mention that your posse is there for a bucks party… and point out the groom…

Accidently let that one slip and it’s a sure thing that there’ll be some crowd participation as the comedian proceeds to humiliate the buck… this works particularly well if the buck fancies himself a bit of a joker.

The good thing about this whole set up is that even if it goes wrong – you know, the buck gets one up on the comedian – everyone still gets a laugh, and the buck comes out a legend.

I guess the only thing to do in that situation is to hand the man a mic and watch him bring the house down!

The other great thing about stand up comedy clubs is that they usually come with a fully stocked bar and some have a restaurant so you can eat, drink and be merry!

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