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Deep Sea Fishing

Up at 4am, fish in hand by 5am. The buck’s wife to be will be so impressed with the hunter-gather training you’ll be providing her man with this bucks party adventure.

Get cracking with the oldest male profession for a classic bucks party
Get cracking with the oldest male profession for a classic bucks party

Touted as the oldest profession… for men that is… fishing is a great bucks party day-time activity. You can charter a boat in most coastal cities, and unless you’ve got the navigation prowess of Flipper, I recommend you get a charter with a skipper and a fish finder. That way you’ll make the most of the hundred-dollars-plus you’re spending per head.

But why stop at a one-day fishing adventure? You can get a charter for a few days and make the most of the open seas. Good charters will provide all your fishing gear and bait and will have deck-hands that’ll clean, fillet and snap freeze any fish you catch, so all you have to worry about is catching fish and sinking beers.

But make sure everyone on board has a set of sea legs, otherwise you might have a whole lot more burley on board than you bargained for. And once you 20km off the coast, you won’t be coming back in for the pansy pants mate that’s green as a gherkin.

The blokes that charter boats are pretty used to bucks parties, bachelor parties and stag parties, so they know a lot of the antics you’ll want to get up to. They’re even happy to allow some onboard ‘entertainment’, especially if you let them enjoy the show as well.

Onboard entertainment or not, a deep sea fishing charter will get all the boys onboard for a great bucks party and create more embellished stories about the bucks party than you can poke a stick at.

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