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Dizzy sports challenge will send the bucks party into a spin

Sport. It’s part of the Australian social fabric. We play it, watch it, talk about it, obsess over it and spend lots of money showing the world or commitment to our favourite mode and team. So it makes sense that some sort of sporting activity features in a lot of bucks parties. Welcome the dizzy sports challenge. Eberlein Eberlein

But how can you make the buck’s party sports competition different to the everyday run of the mill sports experience we all know and love? The answer is the dizzy sports challenge.

Check out this Dude Perfect clip that shows what we’re talking about!

Dizzy Sports Challenge: Play like you’ve never played before 

I think Kylie Minogue set the catch cry for this sports challenge when she sang “I’m spinning around, get out of my way”… These might be words to live by with the dizzy sports challenge. And the great thing is that you can do all of this totally alcohol free. So if you want to kick off celebrations early in the morning and don’t want to crack open a beer with your bacon and egg breakkie roll then add a bit of spinning to get the laughs rolling.

Apply the dizzy handicap to the buck… or his proxy

There’s always that one guy in the group that always kicks everyone else’s arse at everything… and with a bit of luck that guy will also be the buck. To level the playing field, apply a bigger handicap to the jock, bringing his skill level back to the realm of the every man.

Taking the footy down to the field to kick some goals and one of your mates has a golden boot? Give him 10 spins before he tries that drop punt.

Maybe he’s the batter up that always hits you out of the park… Let’s see him pass first base after a 15 second rotation session.

As fun as non-dunken falling over might be, remember to play it safe. We wouldn’t recommend a spin before water polo or a parkour session, afterall is about fun with mates and making sure everyone still makes it to the wedding.

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