D’MARGE reckon they’ve got 7 cool bucks party ideas to suit all budgets

D’MARGE is one of Down Under’s best menswear, style and fashion blogs, and they’ve thrown up seven bucks party ideas they reckon will suit all bucks party budgets. Well, we like their fashion and style talk, but how do they go on bucks party advice?

D'AMRGE, one fo Aus' best men's style and fashion blogs
D’AMRGE, one of Aus’ best men’s style and fashion blogs

Their list includes:

#1 Lawn bowls (For the buck that’s blown all his money on wifey)
– Yep heaps of fun and cheap drinks to boot

#2 Hire a penthouse for a night (For the buck who likes a hot tub)
– Says we want to live like the other half for just one night… love it…

#3 Shooting Range (For the buck who’s not Oscar Pistorius)
– Who doesn’t like the idea of letting off a few rounds, safely?

#4 Private Poker Room (For the buck who likes a flutter)
– bet hard, and live large

#5 Hire a private box at an event (For the sport or music guy)
– get a bit of pampered treatment at the buck’s favourite game, YES!

#6 Private Dining (For the food & wine lovers)
– the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach after all

#7 Advanced Drive Day (For the car lovers)
– burn rubber, leave tracks and a memory that’ll roll on for ever.

All top notch ideas in our book that range from low-cost but a heap of fun to pretty exy that’s something different. The way they’ve matched it the the buck with the advice in brackets adds a little something to the insight they bring.  Mix their top list with their fashion and style advice, and you’ll be on for a killer night.

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