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Don’t cha wish your bucks party was hot like me…

It’s important to do something memorable to mark your mate getting married. But just how memorable is debatable. This bunch of stag party goers did a rendition of the Pussy Cat Doll’s Don’t Cha. It is apparently a spoof of a MoneySupermarket advert as well…

Yes, you know the song – “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me…” and a billion men around the world unknowingly nodded and then spent the next year making it up to the missus. But we digress.

These fellas thought it would be a great idea to don on some high heels, shave their legs and wear shorts so short that even Warrick Capper winced a little, then take a gyrating strut down the Benidorm boardwalk. Passion 10/10, balls 10/10, dance talent 3/10, legs 2/10, apart from the fella in the denim shorts, we’ll give him a solid 7.

We love how the Groom, his dad and his three mates are all on record saying they borrowed their outfits from their better halves. Not sure they’d want the world knowing their better halves raided their closets, but anyway.

Like all the best ideas, this one was crafted down the pub over a couple of pints.  The saying is true, none of the best ideas start with salad. They all start with beer.  Men at the pub drinking beer, coming up with ideas the get them into female attire… pretty much your typical afternoon at the pub really.

But this is a great way to brainstorm ideas. Get the crew together, hit the pub and let the creativity flow. You never know, you might just end up in a pair of heels as well!


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