No matter which side of politics you’re on, you can’t argue that Ex-Prime Minister Hawke has an affinity with beer. He loves it. We know it, we’ve seen it. So it wasn’t surprising last week when Australian headlines read Ex-PM Bob Hawke opens brewing company. Seems fitting really, and you should feel nothing but pride should your bucks party support this splendid drinking venture.

Ex-PM Bob Hawke opens brewing company (credit:
Ex-PM Bob Hawke opens brewing company (credit:

He’s legendary for knocking back a coldie or two in style – from smashing the world beer sculling as a student at Oxford, to opening his gullet to throw one back at the ripe old age of 82 to appease the chanting crowd at the cricket.

As if giving our nation a beer baring his glorious profile wasn’t enough, the larrikin ex-leader would only put his name to the brew if a percentage of profits continued to support one of his enduring legacies the environmental charity Landcare Australia. He’s always been one to build our great nation, and support rural communities around the country.

How can you get your hands on one of these Prime Ministerial brews? Well, in true Australian style its in cans or on tap. That’s it. The brewers joke its a throw back to the 80’s, apparently when beer days were better. But, the brewers do make a valid point for putting beer in tin rather than glass… apparently it stop light and air getting in, meaning fresher-tasting beer. Tinnies get colder, faster, and are lighter but also tougher. And you can enjoy them at all your favourite outdoor things, no need for plastic cups.

But, back to where you can grab a cold Hawkie. It’s is available on tap across some of Sydney’s most iconic pubs. They’re part of Hawke’s First XI – Bob’s first eleven picks to hit the field. Cans are stocked at all Camperdown Cellars outlets in Sydney.

So, if you get the buck to sip Hawke’s lager at the bucks party, you can feel proud as you have one for your mum, one for your dad and one for your country – you’re literally contributing to the environment and building the country by drinking this beer. Because when Ex-PM Bob Hawke opens brewing company, you’d better be ready to knock one back, and knock it back quickly.