Fake book cover bucks party prank makes an awesome dare

Scott Rogowsky – the comedy genius behind the viral hit “Taking Fake Book Covers on the Subway” – sets up a great bucks party dare that’ll test how big the buck’s balls are and just how tolerant and accepting the community you live in is. The fake book cover bucks party prank is bound to get laughs from the boys with a bit of harmless fun.

The fake book cover bucks party prank is a great way to inject some harmless bucks party shenanigans (image:
The fake book cover bucks party prank is a great way to inject some harmless bucks party shenanigans (image:

This is a good prank to pull if your buck likes to use public transport. It’s probably something he’s used to, and he might also be known to flip open a book from time to time to help the journey pass. The latest fantasy trilogy, business improvement or personal development titles are probably what he whips out in front of the other commuters. Very culturally palatable. He’s considerate like that.

Enter the fake book cover bucks party prank

For this one to really work,  you need to make sure you catch public transport between locations on the epic bucks party journey. Maybe it’s a train into the city, a bus out to the ‘burbs, or a flight to Vegas.  Just make sure that public transport is factored into getting the bucks party crew from A to B.

All you need is a hard cover book, the internet and maybe Photoshop skills, a printer, a train or bus ticket for the buck and a video camera to capture the rapturous laughter.

Google your book cover art design, make some edits if you need, print out a few options to mix things up and take the book and the covers on your fabulous glories fun filled adventure.  Here are some fake book title ideas to get you started:

  • Ass eating made simple
  • 10,000 dick picks
  • 101 penis lengthening exercises you can do at home, the office or on the go
  • Everybody sharts
  • Great vaginas through history: An encyclopedia
  • Gay Garfield
  • Hiding your erections from God
  • The joy of cooking meth

Make sure you’re happy to bin the book once you reach your destination and continue onto your next shenanigans. No one wants to be carrying the life story of Bilbo Baggins around with them all night.

Make it funnier by lining up someone the Buck doesn’t know to be highly offended tear strips of him. Catch all the fun on camera and cut it into the glorious bucks party extended director’s cinematic release.

Now for shits and giggles, watch Scott Rogowsky’s Fake book cover skit on his on his Running Late Show.




Thumbnail image credit: youtube.com/user/RunningLateShow

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