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Five Kinder Surprise bucks party drinking games

Kinder Surprise drinking games will add surprise and delight to the bucks party (image source: Pixabay)
Kinder Surprise drinking games will add surprise and delight to the bucks party (image: Pixabay)

Flashback time. You’re a kid and the magical Kinder Surprise is an important part of your parent’s bribery arsenal to get you to do things. Think back to how much you wanted it. Remember how you would do anything to taste the magnificent chocolate. Relive the anticipation of the surprise toy hidden within its chocolaty layers. In honour of that memory, and the buck who once craved the chocolaty goodness, here are five Kinder Surprise bucks party drinking games to add wonder and excitement to the bucks party debauchery.

Kinder Surprise bucks party drinking games

1. Drinking companion

Everyone unwraps their egg, eats the chocolaty goodness and builds their toy, a toy that becomes your best friend and drinking companion. Being your best friend, the toy is your bucks party drinking partner that you need to take care of for the rest of the night. Be responsible, don’t put it in any untoward danger or, lord forbid, lose it.

Work out your drinking penalties for misplacement, separation or abandonment. Everyone is the policeman on the night, dishing out fines where they’ve been earned. Make it more challenging for the buck by giving him several Kinder Surprises, and watch him become increasingly irresponsible all night long.

2. Chocolate shots

This is one of the Kinder Surprise bucks party drinking games that gets the party started. Unwrap your Kinder Surprise, carefully break your egg in half and fill it with a syrupy liquor. Then eat. It’s that simple.

Make it more interesting for the buck by having each party goer donate half of their egg to him… or get the buck the king size Kinder Surprise… but things might get messy quickly.

Chocolaty goodness and toy surprise... how can you go wrong? (source:
Chocolaty goodness and toy surprise… how can you go wrong? (image:

3. Lucky-dip mystery shots

This one goes well with the Chocolate Shots. After you eat your chocolate and make your toy, you’ll have the toy’s plastic shell left over.  Be resourceful and put the shell to good use.

Collect them all up, half fill them with a range of liquors, close the shells and put them into a bowl. Take everyone back to their child-hood and kick off the night’s lucky dip. Everyone takes one of the liquor filled shells from the bowl and drinks. The surprise comes to life through your liquor choices… mix it up with hard liquor, brews, designer creations or chili infused. Getting creative makes this game all the more funnier.

4. Pub crawl surprise

This is one of Kinder Surprise bucks party drinking games that needs a big pack of Kinder Surprises. If there’s 8 party goers, and you plan on visiting 6 pubs, you’ll need a box of 48. The maths is pretty simple really.

Everyone gets a new Kinder Surprise at each pub. It’s a race to see who can remove the wrapping, eat the chocolate and assemble their toy (without instructions) the fastest. The last to successfully assemble the toy must drink.

5. Pair up

This one requires a bit of random audience participation, pre-organisation and works best in a bar. Buy two shots and have two eggs ready for each party goer, plus two extra shots.

When the buck says go, the race is on for each party goer to approach a random stranger and convince them to participate. Together, you unwrap your eggs, bite off the top, fill the egg with the shot, eat the shot filled egg, then assemble the toy. The last pair to assemble the toy wins the prize of the two extra shots… pretty lucky really!

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