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Five movies that give bucks parties a bad reputation

Lets face it, bucks parties get a pretty bad wrap. I mean, sure some party goers try very hard to earn that reputation, but in all honesty there are few that reach the ranks of these legendary movies. Bringing together the ‘anything goes’ mentality with creative Hollywood genius, these flicks just reinforce the myth that any bucks party simply leads to no good. Here’s five movies that give bucks parties a bad reputation.

The Hangover (all three of them)

This is the serial ‘bucks party gone bad’ story. I mean how can one wolf pack have such awesomely amazing bucks parties? But respectable members of society are definitely shaking their ‘tut-tut’ finger as the cast roofie themselves, trash hotel rooms, lock tigers in the bathrooms, marry strippers, lose people… and the list goes on.

While most guys probably secretly think these movies are the starting point for awesome bucks party ideas, this is the kind of party that makes our better halves cringe, business operators shudder and witch hunts form to run the revelers out of town.

Bachelor Party (1984)

Tom Hanks set the bar for bad bucks party behaviour, writing what some call the handbook for modern day bachelor parties. Hanks is a bad-boy who makes his crust as a bus driver and is set to wed the daughter with rich and stuffy rich parents – and her parents don’t approve. His friends, being true mates, band together to throw the bachelor party of all bachelor parties. Grabbing a room at expensive hotel, the bachelor party is laced with with booze, adult movies and hookers.

As the plot progresses, the bachelor party and bridal party decide to meddle with each others events, making for a hilarious series of party pranks and shenanigans.  It all ends up as a huge combined bachelor and bridal party orgy-like event at the ritzy hotel… with Hanks on his knees trying to convince his bride to be of his fidelity.

I hope they serve beer in hell (2009)

As the big day looms for Dan, his not-so-good of an influence mate, Tucker, tricks Dan into lying to his fiancée and sweeps him off to a legendary strip club three and a half hours away to celebrate Dan’s last days of freedom. Tucker gets them to the club but abandons Dan his mates to tick a very specific activity off his carnal interest bucks list. Dan ends up in Jail, his other mate goes home and falls in love with one of the strippers… you know, just your typical bucks party where you end up in trouble with both the law and the buck’s wife to be.

Hostel part III (2011)

In a fresh approach this bucks party is from the Horror genre, not a comedy. to make sure none of the series story line is lost, part three redirects the Elite Hunting Club (the sadistic torturous club) from Slovakia to Las Vegas – the city where anything goes. In what is probably the second biggest fear in the mind of a bride to be – next to being unfaithful – a couple of hookers entice the bachelor and his crew to join them at a ‘freaky’ private party way off the Strip. Of course, its the old honey trap trick and before they know it one thing leads to another and they end up the subjects of perverse games of torture at the hands of the Elite Hunting Club.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Although the plot is not centered around a bachelor party, it does show what a bunch of coked up rich kids might do for their boy’s last night of freedom. The bachelor party, of course, takes place in Vegas. In a mile-high-coked-up-orgy-with-about-50-hookers flight from New York to Vegas, its a wonder that they even made it to Vegas. While we don’t get to see the detail of the bachelor party antics, its pretty clear from the naked party goers stumbling over naked hookers strewn everywhere in an exclusive penthouse suite, that this marriage wasn’t sent off with a bang – figuratively and literally speaking.

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