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Gnarly Bay: How to throw a bachelor party

A close friend of Gnarly Bay, Mr Colin Bennett was about to get married…so they called in a team of madmen to create a bachelor party like no other. They spent many weeks creating a day of events that he would never forget.

It was well documented so others could enjoy the experience.

You’ve gotta respect the level of planning that went into this bucks party to give the groom an experience he’d never forget.

What they did was:

  • Kidnapped the buck and drove around to disorientate him
  • dropped him off on a back road
  • a remote controlled car delivered an iPod with a message full of instructions
  • he was led on an adventure filled set of challenges by the iPod and a remote controlled car to free himself and save his fiancee
  • a fancy dress outfit awaited him and the next thing he knew he was in the Red Neck Olympics
  • Keg Toss, Lube Slide, Sling Shot Destruction, Zipline Field Goal, Red Neck Joust and an Obstacle Course were all part of the fun
  • After all that fun came the Baptism… naturally, that’s a boat on the water.

This shows what you can do with a little bit of planning and a wicked imagination. Check out the clip.

Gnarly Bay is a production company located in downtown Westerly, RI. For over 12 years Dan Riordan and Dana Saint have been developing a production strategy which focuses on mobility, creativity, and quality. They are a small unit which produces big results.

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