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A round of golf, whether it be the full 18 or just the back nine, is a great bucks party idea. Getting outside with the boys, enjoying the sun and sinking a few holes is a sure fire way to limber everyone up for whatever festivities are planned for the rest of the bucks night.

The great thing about Golf is that you don’t have to be a fit n healthy type to play. You can be a fat bastard that needs a respirator to breathe and still be able to get out and play a round – and not in the ‘Tiger Woods affair’ way.

Allegedly meaning ‘Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden’ this bachelor party activity is a great way for the buck and the boys to chew the fat and have what some might call the best bachelor party ever.

There are a few things that make golf a great bucks day activity.

First up are golf buggies. Golf is one of the few sports where you’re encouraged to do minimal exercise. Get on the buggy, drive to the ball, hit the ball, and repeat. Simple.

Second up is the beer. Unlike football where it’d be pretty difficult to play with a beer in your hand, golf is designed perfectly to have a beer or two… or one per hole… while you’re playing the game. Back to buggies, they’re designed perfectly to hold an esky full of beer!

Third up is the ‘designated driver’. Recognising that you shouldn’t drink and drive, most golf courses are happy for you to have a driver to make sure you make it round the course safely. I recommend a couple of bikini girls to take on this vitally important role, because if you’re going to drink responsibly, you might as well enjoy the view.

So, whether you have a slice that makes Jack the Ripper wince or a hook that makes any self respecting pirate question his manhood, a day trekking the fairways will be one of the best bucks party games you can play.


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