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Happy or sad? Fans drank their plane dry of booze

Football fans. They’re known to love a sneaky drink or two. And unless your bucks party are the fans on board, you probably want to avoid flights like this one where Oakland Raiders fans drank their plane dry of booze.

I know, its a travesty. How could an airline in today’s day and age run out of booze.  Particularly when they’re delivering fans to cheer on their team of gladiators? Its just poor planning really.

With cheering on your favourite sporting team being a very popular bucks party idea, we all hope Australian airlines learn from this tragic event and make sure the bars on every flight have ample stocks.

While the pilot congratulated everyone on board for achieving this monumental feat, we can’t work out of we’re happy or sad that such a milestone has been achieved… We just hope we all have the intestinal fortitude to put this event behind us.


(Featured image: Newsact11 CC-BY-SA 3.0)

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