How to plan a bucks party

You’re the best man. Your buddy is getting married and he’s entrusted you to give him the send off into the world of being married that he’s been anxiously anticipating for years. You know him. You know what he likes. You have all the same mates and his family is basically your adopted family. If you put a bit of thought into it and know how to plan a bucks party you’ll guide him a send off to remember for all the right reasons.

An awesome bucks party for your best mate just needs a little planning. Copyright: / 123RF Stock Photo
An awesome bucks party for your best mate just needs a little planning. Copyright: / 123RF Stock Photo

You know how to plan a bucks party, right? Just to refresh all our memories, you just need to  remember to:

  • Plan to do something, or you won’t do anything
  • Agree the guest list with the buck
  • Set the budget with the invitees
  • Set aside a day, night, weekend or week
  • Agree where to go and what to do
  • Arrange eats and drinks so everyone stays merry
  • Address the stripper question, and check it off with the fiancee
  • Arrange responsible transport
  • Add some pranks and challenges to spice things up
  • Get a gift

Planning the ultimate bucks party is easy if you follow a few simple steps. Show the buck, his wife-to-be and her father why you’ve been appointed the best man and give him the time he’ll always remember.

Plan to do something or you won’t do anything

Put some thought into it. Don’t just treat it like any other time you hang out and just see where things go. Put in a bit of effort, people will be able to tell if you haven’t. I mean, isn’t your best mate worth a bit of effort?

The bucks party is about the buck, so make sure he enjoys himself. But it’s also about the other people that are parting with the buck as well. This can be a bit tricky, finding a one-size-fits-all plan that meets everyone’s preferences/limitations is a challenge… that’s why planning is so important.

Working out the who, what, when where and the how to plan a bucks party is the secret to a party that everyone will remember for all the right reasons.

Get names on the list

Talk to the buck about who to invite. It’s his bucks party and you want to make sure that you invite who he wants and skip over who he doesn’t. Make sure you don’t leave someone important off the bucks party guest list.

You’ll probably end up with a guest list with the bucks mates, family, work colleagues, sporting/social friends and maybe a few old school buddies that he doesn’t see that often any more. It’s also pretty likely that a few of the bucks fiancée’s family (or maybe male friends) will be on the invite list as well.

Having his father or brother(s), or his fiancée’s father or brother(s) at the party can add complexity to the plan and totally change what you do… at least for part of the night. Throwing a father or father -in-law friendly bucks party might quickly become the primary consideration for your party plans.

Budget, budget, budget

Now that you know who is coming, you need to think about how much each party-goer will be able to fork out. It is the buck’s last hurrah so everyone will be expecting to have to contribute something.

Looking at the guest list, you’ll be able to get a pretty good gut feel about how much people should be willing to fork out. A bunch of fish-sphincters will push the budget down, a group of fellas who are additional card holders on their old-man’s Amex Black probably won’t want anything less than a week in Prague.

The challenge is when you have an unhealthy spread of budgets. Again, this is solved by planning. You might like to give people options. Start the party off with some beers and a BBQ before progressively ramping up to the high rollers room at the casino. Plan the party so anyone can exit-stage-right without busting the bank. They can say their goodbyes and head off before the expensive activities kick off

The only hard and fast budget rule is that the buck should never have to pay for himself. Make sure you factor a little extra into the cost-per-head to make sure the buck’s tab is picked up by everyone, and not just one or two people.

Some good advice is to in lock what you’re doing and where you’re staying early, work out the per-head cost and get everyone’s contributions before the night for pre-booked activities. This will save you from having to front up the funds to cover that mate who forgot to bring the cash on the night but will pay you back next week… but never does…

A day, night, weekend or more?

Hitting the road? get planning early.
Hitting the road? get planning early.

Now that you know who is coming and how much they’re likely to spend, the next step in how to plan a bucks party is to work out what to do. Knowing how long the shenanigans will last is critical here. Is it just a day time event or does it roll into the night as well? Does everyone need to pack an overnight bag or drag the cupboard into a suitcase?

If you are planning a few days away, it’s probably a good idea to do something small locally before heading off so that those who can’t make the multi-day commitment can still share a beer with the buck.

Lock the dates in early so everyone can plan their lives around attending the most amazing bucks party ever.

Going where, doing what?

What does the buck enjoy? What will he remember? What’s close by? What’s at the place we’re travelling to? These are all important questions to ask when working out the activity list.

Ideas for what to do at a bucks party are as wide and diverse as the world we live in. If the buck is keen for an adventure, don’t limit it to beers and babes in the back yard. Get out and play golf, learn to surf, get a shave from a cutthroat razor or learn to carve up a beast.

Is dinner at a restaurant, a back yard BBQ or drive through Maccas? Are you booking rooms at a youth hostel, a couple of hotel rooms, a penthouse or ski lodge?

Put together a bunch of ideas, circulate them to the invitees to get a short list, then make some decisions. Lock it down early so that you can book, people and budget and you can work out the per-head cost and get people’s contributions early.

Eat, drink and be merry

We’re men. we like to eat and drink. Make sure there’s enough food and drink to keep everyone merry all night long. Remember, it’s not unusual for a night of drinking to end in a kebab run… make sure everyone can get their fill at the place you go to so that the party doesn’t get separated throughout the night.

Kegs, cartons or spirits, get the liquor that will keep the good times flowing. Order in food or self cater, but make sure it fits the tastes of as many people as possible.

Naked females

This is probably one of the most debated bucks party activities. No doubt when your mate told you he was getting married, one of the early thoughts that went through your mind was about the strippers. To invite or not invite strippers, that is the question.

As your mate mentioned marriage, the boys thought bucks party and strip club
As your mate mentioned marriage, the boys thought bucks party and strip club

The answer is that it depends. It depends on the buck. It depends on the guest list. It depends on the fiancée. It depends on the budget. It depends on where you live. It just depends.

The only real rule of thumb here is to ask the buck. If it’s a hard and fast no, then naked ladies are off the agenda. If he’s all for it, considering his wife-to-be and the guest list, then you’ve scored a legitimate excuse to start ranking up questionable sites in your browser history.

Get there and get back

First things first, be responsible. More often than not bucks parties involve copious amounts of drinking which does not mix well with driving. Make sure transport is arranged so that no one drinks and drives… or drives under the influence of any other substance. When you think about how to plan a bucks party, we can’t say enough how important being safe is.

Now that the lecture is over, the good news is that there are heaps of awesome ways to still get around without having to get behind the wheel.

Add some spice with bucks party pranks

Make sure you come up with a couple of pranks to play on the buck to make sure its a bucks party to remember.
Come up with a couple of pranks to play on the buck to make sure its a bucks party he’ll remember.

So, you’ve been asking the buck all the way through about who to invite, how long he can be away for, should there be strippers… it kinda takes all the surprise out of it, right?

WRONG! You know your mate and what you need to consult him on when planning the bucks party. All else, should be kept under a veil of darkness to help build the buck’s anxiety.

Kidnapping the buck from work or home can be a fun way to kick off the festivities. Having a challenge list of things for the buck to do throughout the night is another way to keep him on his toes. Tying the buck to a pole naked and covering him in whipped cream… ah, maybe that one’s getting a bit old.

But you get the idea.

If you think things will get a bit out of control, make sure you set up a kitty to cover unexpected expenses like a chair through a hotel wall or tiger in the bathroom.

A gift to keep on giving

Make sure the buck get something to remember the night, and we’re not talking about syphilis.

Factor a gift for the buck into the per-head price. Maybe it’s a hip-flask with his name and bucks date engraved or a new Rolex.

Whatever it is, give him more than just the mobile phone pics and videos that will hang around to haunt him for the rest of his days.

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