Making sure the buck looks his best was high on the agenda for the best men organising these bucks parties. If looks are anything to go by, these bucks parties must have been a hoot.  For some strange reason, men in skirts seems to be a recurring theme. Maybe there something behind that, we don’t know, but one thing we know for sure after pulling this lot together is that if you see a bloke in a Marilyn Munroe dress standing in front of a fan… Close your eyes coz it ain’t gonna be pretty. Let’s take a look at Instagram Bucks Parties Dress Up edition.

A little too bare (foot) bowls

#bucksday #bro #game on

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Hit this one down the rabbit hole

Well.. yep! #jeffsbucks #bucksday #bucksparty #babe

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He shoots, he misses

Storm trooper selfie. #bucksday #minigolf

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Is it a boat, is it a…


You can take the man out of Zulu…


I’m gonna shoot this as F*ck

By order of the Peaky fucking Blinders. #bucksday #peakyblinders #bigthundar

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But I’m a lady

Stagdo #bucksday #australia

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He’s a maniac, maniac on the ropes


This is the one to make you run

Marilyn Joshroe. #bucksday

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