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Is virtual reality the future for bucks parties?

So, I started watching season three of Black Mirror on Netflix the other night and the second episode from season three – Playtest – freak me out a bit.  The main guy on this episode found a job ad on one of those quick-cash mobile apps, and all he had to do was go trial a new gaming technology. Had he ever watched any horror movie, he would have doused his phone in petrol and lit it up right there and then before flushing it down the toilet. But apparently he’d never owned a TV. As it turns out, Playtest was a terrifying glimpse into the future of gaming. But it got me thinking, is virtual reality the future for bucks parties?

Is virtual reality the future for bucks parties? We reckon VR's got legs for a bucks party in more ways than one (image: flickr/Maurizio Pesce)
Is virtual reality the future for bucks parties? We reckon VR’s got legs for a bucks party in more ways than one (image: flickr/Maurizio Pesce)

The great thing is you can go as hard core, or low tech as you want. Take the bucks party on an adventure to a purpose built VR facility for a totally immersive experience. Or just grab a bunch of Google Cardboard headsets to use with your smart phones and run around in the back yard.

So, is virtual reality the future for bucks parties?

Here’s six ways to Sunday you can get some virtual goodness into the bucks party.

Virtual Reality gaming arcades

Purpose built VR gaming arcades are popping up all over the place, and they promise a gaming experience like never before. Virtual reality gaming arcades are seeing serious set ups in big warehouse spaces, boutique gaming suites and mobile VR kits that bring the virtual reality experience to the bucks party.

Gaming companies are bringing out VR versions of big-name games (check out the VR games available on the PS4) so you can shoot zombies, race exotic cars, compete in a dance off, turn into a marshmallow mushroom and get eaten by cows looking for a high before they clip-clop off to a rave party… the first-person gaming experience seem endless.

Is virtual reality the future for bucks parties? Well, lets just say it seems like a great way to bring the crew together to blow things up and save the world… and haze the buck along the way, virtually of course.

Virtual Reality travel

Getting a bit tired of your local stomping ground? We hear you, and that’s why so many bucks parties head out of town for fun filled festivities. But if funds are a bit strapped, or time is a bit on the short side, virtual reality travel is a sure-fire way to get the bucks party out of town.

Can't get the bucks party out of town? Take the buck virtually anywhere with VR (image:
Can’t get the bucks party out of town? Take the buck virtually anywhere with VR (image:

VR travel can take the bucks party to places no one’s been to before, both on and off this planet. It might be somewhere the buck has always wanted to go, but never got to. VR travel will make him feel like he’s been there, done that. It’s kinda like Total Recall, without the digging up repressed memories but choose the right adventure and there might be chicks with three boobs.

Hoping to hold the bucks party in Vegas but forgot to book flights, then GeoVegas virtually gets you there. Ever been to Mars? Me either, but you can don-on a VR headset and pretend you’re strapped to the Curiosity Mars Rover. Always wanted to go on a cruise, you’d better pack your pixel bikini. What about helping Space Girl 360 train for her deep space mission? VR will take you there.

There are VR travel experiences that will scratch pretty much every travel bug… or maybe plant a bug or two.

Virtual reality extreme experiences

Hold onto your hats, and your stomachs, and get a virtually extreme bucks party experience. VR seems to be becoming a tool of choice for extreme experiences from death-defying roller coasters, flying in a wingsuit across tree-tops, or diving to the depth of the ocean in a submersible.

Extreme mountain biking on the bucket list – got that. Why not go the next step and add a simulator to the VR, then give this skydiving cube a go. Is virtual reality the future for bucks parties? We reckon anything that can give you extreme experiences from the comfort of your living room definitely has legs.

Virtual reality cinemas and movies

Experience the world of cinema like never before. Cinematic genius’ are working out ways to enhance the movie-going experience blurring the lines between the cinematic and real worlds.

Virtual reality takes cinema to a whole new level (image: wikimedia.ocm/Eliaboqueras)
Virtual reality takes cinema to a whole new level (image: wikimedia.ocm/Eliaboqueras)

VR cinemas are relatively new, but starting to show up in Melbourne, on the Gold Coast, and further field in places like Amsterdam. You can watch a variety of experimental, community created and mainstream movies – but we think its more about the experience than the content itself. So grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy being part of cinema’s next wave.

But, if you’re looking for a bit more buzz… and potential psychologically damage for the buck… then search for VR horror movies on YouTube and get a VR headset to use with your phone. There are heaps of VR dedicated YouTube channels to find awesome content – professional and amateur.

So is virtual reality the future for bucks parties? We suggest get searching to work out what virtual flicks will best haze the buck. You want to make sure he remembers the bucks party, even if it is through decades of sessions with his shrink as he relives the trauma every time he closes his eyes.

Virtual Reality female entertainment

Eeeerrrhhhh….  we hear VR porn is a thing (link NSFW). Be careful though, the Buck might cancel the wedding and lock himself in a dark and dingy room for the rest of his days.

Virtually cure phobias for real

I bet you there’s one thing that freaks the buck out. One thing that triggers levels of anxiety not experienced since your first date and you didn’t know if you should kiss the girl, give her a hug or shake her hand… no, don’t shake hands, not with those sweaty sticky palms. Anyway, we digress.

Maybe spiders freak him out. He can’t stand the sight of clowns ever since he saw Stephen King’s IT. At a funeral, the buck would rather be in the casket than give the eulogy? What ever his phobia, the Sydney Phobia Clinic reckon they can use VR to help cure it. Seems plausible, I mean that VR stuff looks pretty freaking real… to the point that there’s no way in hell I’d let one of those virtual spiders crawl up my arm. HELL NO!

So, happy virtual bucks partying. Get amongst it and bring the buck, possibly kicking and screaming, into the new works of virtual technology.


Thumbnail image: flickr/Aceboy Models

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