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JC’s deep sea fishing

What’d you do?

Deep sea fishing, house party

What’d it cost per head?

About $100

Where was it?

Bateman’s Bay, NSW

The story

About 20 boys, a 4.30am start and an ocean full of fish made for a great Bucks Party send-off for our fishing mad mate, JC.

We all headed down to Bateman’s Bay after work on Friday afternoon to make sure we could get a good night sleep the night before the fishing charter was booked. Well, great idea that was. We got there, set up the house we’d rented (read put the beer in the fridge and sat down to enjoy some brews) and we all went to bed not long before we had to get up to head to the wharf.

We had to hire two boats because of our numbers. This was probably a good thing given the state pretty much everyone was in…

Now, it was hard to tell if everyone was adding burley to the water because they were sea sick they were hung over or because of the diesel fumes. The buck, being one of the prime burley offenders,, made the diesel fumes the scape-goats on this occasion. We let him have it, but only because it was his bucks party!!

After a full day out on the seven seas, being taken to some pretty good spots, we got back to the gloat about our conquests and compare hurling stories.

Since most of us didn’t sleep the previous night, pretty much all of us fell asleep by 10pm! Maybe not the most memorable night on night number two, but that’s only because we had so much fun on the first night!!


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