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Jordo’s need for speed

What’d you do:

Dinner, Go-karting, Casino

What’d it cost per head:

about $150 (more for the losers at the table!)

City, state:

Brisbane, QLD




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The boys line up to mount their metal steeds
The boys line up to mount their metal steeds

The story

Jordo’s bucks party was one the whole soon-to-be family could enjoy. His best mates, father, father-in-law to be and brother-in-law to be all attended.

The night started out with ‘high-speed antics’ at the Kingston Park Raceway go-kart track in Brisbane. We booked in advance to make we could get the track put aside so our bucks party could race against each other without any randoms on the track. We did share the track with another bucks party, but that gave us a well needed break between races to recover and share the laughs of the race just gone.

Go-karting was an awesome choice for the bucks party. We got all of us on the track at once and took turns at boxing the buck in so he couldn’t get in front. We bumped him from behind and ‘accidently’ braked hard when he was right behind us… For someone that always likes to win, it was a very tormenting night for him!!

But the slippery bastard managed to get past us a few times… or should I say we let him sneak through the gaps every now and then… and got a checkered flag or two. But our racing antics managed to keep him off the podium at the end of the night!!

Turns out the buck wasn't the winner on the night... welcome to married life my friend!
Turns out the buck wasn’t the winner on the night… welcome to married life my friend!

After burning rubber all afternoon, we went home, got changed and headed out to the Casino. Now, this is where Jordo was in his domain!! Black Jack is his game and win he did!!! He couldn’t place a bet wrong, which is more than I could say for the majority of the rest of us who watched as our chips were swept away time and time again by the dealer.

But that said, it was an awesome bucks night. Importantly, it was a night that Jordo’s father and father-in-law to be could go to without the worry of painting a bad picture of the buck. We all punted the night away, had some beers, shared some laughs and spun some fun stories about the buck.


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