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Lingerie Restaurant

Lingerie restaurants serve up tasty treats with gorgeous, glamorous hostesses, to ensure the bucks party’s every need is catered for. That’s right, Lingerie Restaurants have one thing strip clubs generally don’t and that’s a menu.

Keeping in mind groups of hungry men who are looking to have something to look at are their target market, you’ll find that pretty much every Lingerie Restaurant has a party package specifically designed to meet the needs of a bucks party.

SR_Dancer_Rhinoedit from English Wikipedia

From private party rooms to dining buffet banquettes, you’ll be able to arrange an event that’s as private or as public as you like. Throwing a memorable bucks party will be an easy feat to achieve with the combination of glamorous, sexy and professional waitresses, gourmet food and more drinks choices than you can poke a stick at.

The decor at a lingerie restaurant varies from place to place, so rest assured you can find a theme that will suit what you’re after. Modern, Moroccan, Asian themed with Sexy Secretaries or Bikies Bitches, a Lingerie Restaurant can help you to theme the night up to what ever you’re after.

No matter if you’re after an intimate long lunch to start the bucks party off, or a Saturday night venue where you can kick it on all night long, a Lingerie Restaurant will have an option to keep you, the groom and the boys happy.

Pic: Wikimedia Commons

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