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Nude drawing classes

So, you’re planning¬† bucks party for your good mate and you don’t want the typical naked-woman-stripper at the party. But the party-goers are pushing you to have some sort of naked-female presence on the night.

A buck’s night life drawing class is just the ticket you need!

A sexy lingerie model is a great alternative to a bucks night stripper
Image credit: mtoome / 123RF Stock Photo


It’s Bucks Party Art

Beautiful nude, or semi-nude, female models pose to your liking to providing the buck and his mates a classy bucks night experience.

Arranged as a group drawing or painting session, immortalising the curves of a beautiful female model will provide a unique bucks night activity that the whole posse will remember.

The great thing is that no-one really needs to have any real artistic flair at all, just be ready to enjoy the night and have a laugh. The other great idea is to collect all each of the drawings, bind them together in a booklet, and give it to the buck as a memento of the evening.

It’s important to note that many of the studios that offer this service employ models, not strippers, and expect the party-goers to act accordingly.¬† Appreciating the beautiful female form in a way that is respectful of the model is a must.

Being open and upfront with what you would like from the evening when you’re booking this great bucks party activity is important. Starting with something staid and progressing to more provocative poses can add a little zing to the night. As nicely, and you might also be able to arrange for the buck to be included in the poses… just be careful how you immotalise his anatomy!

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