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Out of control bachelor party confessions on Whisper

Whisper reckons its the best place to discover secrets. So, of course some of the boys have decided to break the cardinal rule, spill the beans and share some of their out of control bachelor party confessions on Whisper.

We’ve dug out some of the best inner-most secrets shared about bachelor parties. Tame? Lame? Crazy? you be the judge. If you have a out of control bucks party story to share, send it through to us. We can’t promise anonymity, but we can change the names to protect the innocent… or guilty!

armpit on fire
Someone lit my armpit on fire at a bachelor party (source:
Blowjob from granny at a bachelor party (source:
Sex with Groom at the bachelor party (source:
Pretty princess jock bachelor party (source:
I don’t need a stripper at my bachelor party (source:
No friends for my bachelor party (source:
Keep strippers away at a bachelor party (source:
My sister was the stripper at my bachelor party (source:
Apparently tackling Asians and getting kicked off stages make for a great bachelor party (source:
Strippers sharing cherries to entertain a bachelor party
The stripper played D&D at my bachelor party (source:
Ex girlfriend was my bachelor party stripper (source:
The stripper fell asleep at my bachelor party (source:
I threw up on the stripper at my bachelor party (source:

So, now that you’ve had enough of the out of control bachelor party confessions on Whisper, had on over to our legendary stories and enjoy more bucks party shenanigans submitted by our readers.

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