It appears that in the day and age of wild antics, not everyone feels the need to go out and paint the town red (or green and yellow for that matter with the contents of their stomach).  To the outside world Peter Stefanovic’s bucks party seems to have been a laid back event where the buck simply spent some good time with some good mates in a good location.

Smiles and laughs at the wedding because Peter Stefanovic's bucks party was a fun filled but clean event that stayed off the front page of the papers (image:
Smiles and laughs at the wedding because Peter Stefanovic’s bucks party was a fun filled but clean event that stayed off the front page of the papers (image:


The only photos that surfaced from the event were of some mates sharing beers and some laughs at a local sports bar in Berry the night of, and then grabbing a coffee together the morning after… all looking refreshingly healthy.

In the age of drones, zoom lenses and everyone with a mobile phone being a social journalist, you can understand Stefanovic would have wanted to keep away from prying eyes end not up on the front page of the papers for all the wrong reasons.

Knowing the crew that were at the bucks party, and some of the antics the Stefanovic boys and their mates get up to in everyday life, its hard to believe that there were no bucks party pranks or shenanigans. But if crazy antics went on over the bucks party weekend then its great to see they’ve only been captured in the memories of the bucks party crew… and not on Instagram, Twitter or by the paparazzi!

Stefanovic’s bucks party took place at a rented private property in Berry (NSW) over a weekend. The property is surrounded by acreage and complete with cricket pitch and swimming pool. Sounds like just the location of you’re looking to escape the world and kick back quietly with a few good mates, some quality refreshments and civilised banter.

It just goes to show that you don’t need to go crazy to throw an epic bucks party – epic means different things to different people. The important thing is to do something that the buck will love and set him up for a smooth sail into the world of marriage-hood.

We’re all sure that fun and antics were had at the private abode, but to the outside world Stefanovic’s bucks party was a quiet affair with some good mates. I’m sure Peter, and his now wife Sylvia, appreciate that he wasn’t Glad Wrapped naked to a street sign and covered in whipped cream after drunkenly completing a list of questionable dares on the unsuspecting people of Berry.

Had this been Stefanovic’s bucks party his wedding sure would have been in the headlines for some very different reasons.

Well done to Peter’s best man for making sure the bucks party was the right party for the man of the moment.