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Prince William: Plan B

Well, who would have thought it?? After the much publicised ‘water sports’ stag do planned for Prince William, His little brother Harry, has given everyone the slip with Plan B.

So, what did they do in plance of the planned wet and wild festivities??? Apparently, the princes and 20 of their closest friends had the right-royal bachelor party at a friend’s country estate, just outside London.


Was this Prince William's Stag Party pad?
Was this Prince William’s Stag Party pad?

So, what went on? Who did what? Was it really a ‘lads only’ event?

Everyones staying tight lipped for now, living true to ‘what happens on tour, stays on tour’. Good on ’em. but we all still hope one of the lads accidentally leaves their mobile in an airport lounge so we can all see what goes on at a right-royal bucks party!

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