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Prince William’s stag do this weekend

Daily Gossip reports that Prince William’s stag do is all set for this weekend, and its gonna be a tight affair.

Not much info is being released, for obvious reasons, but Daily Gossip’s insider says:

“It’s top, top secret but the dates have been marked off in the diary and security knows every detail. For privacy reasons we can’t reveal locations, but there will be plenty of booze and some legendary activities.”

So, sounds like royals do it just the same as the rest of us, right? Well, not quite.

One difference will be the security detail. But that could be a good thing; no wankers gate-crashing and causing trouble… only trouble will come from the pack of partiers! I reckon it’s a pretty good chance there’ll be a bit a trouble, and probably more brawn round than babes.

So, getting onto the topic of babes, will Prince William have some ‘female entertainment’ at the bachelor party? Judging by the organiser’s track record (that’s his little brother, Harry), chances are pretty good.

That leads us to the second major difference between the haves and the have-nots. Doesn’t matter if Prince William’s bachelor party has a ‘what happens on tour stays on tour’ policy’, he’s going to have the world’s media hot on his tail.

So, if there’s any other ‘tail’ during the evening’s festivities, there’ll be a thousand telescopic lenses capturing every oiled up moment… and printed on the front page of every paper from here to Pluto and back.

Those kind of antics are the kinds of behaviour we’ve come to expect from young Harry, but the king to be, Will??? I think not. And this is where the ‘young prince falling on his sword’ comes in.

My bet is that if we see pics in the papers and all over the net, but it’ll be Harry playing up, not Will. But that’s not because Harry’s a problem child, quite the opposite actually. He’s just being a good best man.

That’s what being the best man is all about. Getting in there and taking the heat off the buck. Harry will make sure his brother’s reputation is protected so Will gets to marry his princess, Kate Middleton, on April 29.

Harry will selflessly run interference all night long, protecting Will from all those reputation and relationship destroying opportunities.

Prince Harry practising running interference for Prince William's stag do
Prince Harry practising running interference for Prince William’s stag do

And I reckon Harry’s the best man to do just that. Will was pretty clever in handing that huge responsibility to Harry, knowing that if anyone can keep the heat off Will, and make sure any shenanigans bypass the buck, Harry can.

Here’s to Harry taking the heat of Will. Top bloke in my book.

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