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Prince William’s Stag do: What went on?

Where’d they go, what’d they do… and did Will tarnish Kate’s name?

Prince Harry gave the media the slip and delivered a private bachelor party for his brother, Will Picture:
Prince Harry gave the media the slip and delivered a private bachelor party for his brother, Will Picture:

It would appear not. Being the true gentleman Prince William has built his reputation on, the stag party was a quiet affair with some fun in the sun, a couple of drinking games and a fancy dress session for the buck.

What happens on tour stays on tour. Something that’s pretty hard to achieve when you have the celebrity status of England’s king in waiting.

Outfoxing the media means there’s not pics of the event to haunt the king-to-be for years to come, forming fodder for his soon-to-be wife to bring up in 15 years time when the King wants to go away for a weekend with his mates… The poor King won’t hear “I hope that guy from your stag do isn’t going. Don’t tell me he’s a nice guy, I saw the pictures….”

Anyway, the royal boys, Prince William, Prince Harry and their posse of about 20 mates managed a weekend away at a friend’s country manor, apparently at a total cost of around £2,500.

Hartland Abbey, the stag party pad. Picture:
Hartland Abbey, the stag party pad. Picture:

Eonline reports that “spent the weekend racing motorboats, waterskiing and then going on a floating pub crawl before ending up at a country manor.

ABC Online suggests “the weekend consisted of skeet shooting, surfing and drinking games. While it was a relatively tame event, by many standards, Prince William was still subjected to some bachelor party barbs.”

So what were that barbs? In true gentleman style, they were wearing a fake hairy chest and wig before playing the post-it note drinking game.

ABC Online also reported “Clarence House [is] very quick to insist that absolutely nobody ‘external’ came in to the stag party, which they think is their way of saying there were no strippers or burlesque dancers.”

Good work Best Man Prince Harry. The world expected a high end club crawl across London’s best clubs. The young prince played on this and managed to keep the telescopic lenses away for the weekend, giving Prince William a private weekend with his mates to send him off into the world of marriagehood.

We might just need to nominate Prince Harry for Best Man of the Year…


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