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Prince William’s Stag Party

So, the second in line for England’s throne is getting married and his little bro, Prince Harry, is planning a right royal bachelor party!

Prince Willy will get wild at his stag party with Snoop's special lyrics
Prince Willy will get wild at his stag party with Snoop's special lyrics

Could there be anyone better than Prince Harry to prepare Prince William for his marriage to Kate Middleton? We all know Harry knows how to party and a quick Google search for “Prince Harry” and “Boob Grab” provides all the evidence we need to see.

Hip-Hop Wired reports that Prince Harry’s taking on the Best Man responsibility to plan a killer bucks party for his recently-engaged brother and that he’s in talks to book Snoop Dogg and UK rapper Tinie Tempeh for the party and that it’s strictly for the ‘cool kids’.

Taking on the Best Man responsibility with vigour, Harry’s apparently throw a second party that’ll be suitably ‘stuffy’ for the royal humbugs, paving the way for the cool kids party to be truly cool

Snoop is making sure the bachelor party’s entertainment is in true Dee-Owe-Double-G style and has dropped a single in honour of the one-day-King’s nuptials – “Wet”. And here’s hoping Snoop delivers a live performance of Wet at the party… complete with the lovely ladies shakin’ and grindin’ on the clip.



Who knows what other fun and games Harry has planned for his big brother, Will. Whatever it is, it’d better be fit for a king.


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