Pumpkin island bucks party will make Gilligan envious

So, you want to get the crew away from the rest of the world and throw a really unique bucks party?  Then read on my friend, because you can take the bucks and more than 30 of his mates on a private island bucks party on Pumpkin Island.

Welcome to your Pumpkin Island Bucks Party (credit: pumpkinisland.com.au)
Welcome to your Pumpkin Island Bucks Party (credit: pumpkinisland.com.au)

No doubt ever since you saw Lord of the Flies as a kid, you’ve sat there wondering what life would be like if you and the crew got stuck on a deserted island and were left to your own devices for survival. Would you degenerate into savagery or rise to create a Utopian society?

Well, I’m not sure that an island bucks party can give you answers to the deep conflicts of human impulses toward civilisation and social organisation. I mean dang, you’ll probably only be there long enough to sunburn through eight layers of skin and work out you’ll need to nurse a savage hang over once your’re back ont he main land… but it doesnat mean you can’t pan a few things to test the bucks’s survival skills.

Why a Pumpkin Island bucks party?

We’ve all thought about it, escaping to an island paradise to

An island bucks party is a bucks party on the beach (credit: pexels.com)
An island bucks party is a bucks party on the beach (credit: pexels.com)

Picture this… 34 fellas out on your very own island on the Great Barrier Reef. The whole island at your disposal. No one to make noise complaints. No one to send judgmental looks your way. No one to throw you out of the venue because you party too hard… well maybe that last one could happen if you do party too hard – you need to respect the island paradise.

But on this private island bucks party, the buck is the king. Rent the whole island and you’re granted unfettered access to the beach where you can kick back and relax all day with an esky full of cold beers while you play a bit of beach cricket. As the cooler night air rolls in, spark up a beach fire and crack open a bottle of whiskey (or two).

It’s all entertainment on an island bucks party

There's all the entertainment you could want at your fingertips on a Island Bucks Party (credit: pexels.com)
There’s all the entertainment you could want at your fingertips on a Island Bucks Party (credit: pexels.com)

If you’re worried about getting bored on the tropical isle, don’t. There’s so many things to do you’ll probably find you want to book the island for a week, not just a weekend… and we’re all for a week long bucks party.

  • Pack your own gear to go swimming, surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing… did we mention surfing… on one of Queensland’s most amazing beaches.
  • We talked about drinking on the beach, but how about you pack your balls for a side of beach cricket, soccor or footy?
  • venture a bit further out to see with the the gear provided on the like like kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and snorkeling gear.
  • Or get in touch with local service providers to go scuba diving, deep sea fishing, or jet skiing. Ask nicely and the might even pick you up from Pumpkin Island.

What’s that, you need to safety of the mainland?

Ok, if you think you’ll start looking at each other like the boys looked at Piggy from Lord of the Flies, well you might need to step back on the main land for a bit of something to do. Yeppoon had a cracking scene for you to soak up the best of what Queensland has to offer.

But it’s really about unwinding on an island bucks party

The facilities on Pumpkin Island are pretty basic – no shops, no entertainment, or other real services – but that’s the beauty of it. You’re throwing a private island bucks party so the buck can spend some real time with his mates. not be dazzled by all the mod cons society has to offer. You want to kick things back a gear, sit back, drink a few beers, tell a few stories, and fall asleep on the beach (and of course you’ll still draw rude and obnoxious messages on who ever falls asleep first).

There’s five cottages and two bungalows on the island – each sleeping between 4 and 6 people. The guys over at Boss Hunting did the math and the reckon if you book the whole island and the buck has 33 friends to bring along, it’ll cost as little as $140 per night per person. Not bad really.

You can fly to Rockhampton and get a transfer or cab to Yeppoon. You can get the buck and his crew over there by water – ferry or private boat – or for a bit more excitement, charter a chopper and pretend you live like the other half – even if its just for a short while – because living on an island is what we all dram about doing when we become millionaires.


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