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Shakes fist: Eyelid tattoo, really?

Ok, so we know that at sometimes in the heat of the moment when the boys are together that you can make, what some might consider, to be a poor decision… But sneaking off to get an eyelid tattoo takes things to a new level and makes us shake our fists because it gives bucks parties a bad name.

We're shaking our fist at getting an eyelid tattoo on a bucks party (image:
We’re shaking our fist at getting an eyelid tattoo on a bucks party (image:

The father-of-one was out celebrating his mates bucks party when he may have a bucks party prank ever so slightly to far…  and now he’s worried he may have ruined his chances of finding love – after he got his eyelids tattooed.

Steven Laverty sneaked off during the three-day drinking binge to get the Northern Irish phrase “what about ye” inked across both eyelids despite a warning from pals – and his mother – not to do it.

Steven, from east Belfast, was in Spain as part of a 15-strong group celebrating his cousin James’ upcoming marriage.

And the call centre worker came home with an unwanted present after he drunkenly decided to go ahead with the €22 ($30) tattoo.

According to the Metro, Laverty said ‘I’ve got a few daft tattoos and I’d been talking about this one but the rest of the lads wouldn’t let me go.

‘We’d been in the bar all afternoon, I can’t remember if it was Sunday or Monday, but they all went for a walk down to the beach and I just ducked out.

‘I didn’t know where the tattoo parlour was so I just walked until I found it. I told them what I wanted and that was that.

‘The fella wanted €60 for it but I only had €22 so that’s what I gave him.’

Love the negotiation skills, not so keen on the tatt, and not so keen on the not so great name that eyelid tattoo shenanigans like this give bucks parties!

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