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Sir, you can’t say bomb on a plane

It’s official. You can’t say bomb on a plane and testing this out when your getting ready to board an international flight is not the best idea.

SAying bomb while you're waiting for your plane is a surefire way of ruining the bucks party (image: pixabay)
Apparently you can’t say bomb on a plane… or while you’re waiting for your plane. It’s a surefire way of ruining the bucks party (image: pixabay)

That’s right, jokes that involve the word ‘bomb’ when you’re around a plane are not a good idea, and apparently being in a bucks party doesn’t change that.

But, there’s always one or two people that just need to learn by experience. They need to test what seems like common sense to you and I to see just how far they can toe the line before the full body cavity search kicks in.

Who says you can’t say bomb on a plane?

Two lads got smashed on their way to a bachelor party in Spain and decided to tell their fellow travellers at Glasgow Airport their plane had a bomb on it. Police were promptly called and arrived to find the troublesome two passed out on the airport floor.

Not surprisingly, they were arrested and missed their flight to Spain.

And it was the gift that kept on giving

In court, the pair pleaded guilty to being drunk at the airport and making the threats and were banned for life from Jet2 and were slapped with a bunch of fines.

In other, but related news, Jet2 also decided it’s a good idea to stop serving alcohol before 8am. Way to go and spoil pre-breakfast beers for everyone lads.



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