What is it about being ten-thousand feet in the air, getting pushed out of a perfectly good plane and hurtling toward the ground a 300km per hour that sounds like the perfect bucks party surprise for the buck??

I think it’s all about giving him an experience that he’ll remember better than the whole “I do” event…

Throw your mate out of a plane for a bucks party he'll never forget!
Throw your mate out of a plane for a bucks party he'll never forget!

We all know parachute material was cool when used to make pants back in the ‘80s, but it’s even cooler when it’s used to save your ass from turning into steak TATA a week before the buck takes ‘the plunge’.

It’s important to remember that a bucks party is all about helping you mate overcome his fears… so this is perfect for bucks, stags and bachelors that have an ever-so-slight dislike of heights.

I mean, think about it. According to just about every woman on the earth, men are commitment-phobes. So your mate has already demonstrated he’s keen to overcome his fears by getting married, so he should be keen as hell to strap himself in for the best three minutes of his life… outside the bedroom that is…

Apparently you have to be 18 to skydive, so sorry, child brides are out.

Most first time sky divers will do a tandem jump – that’s strapped to the underside of someone that knows what they’re doing. My advice is to choose the sexy young female skydiver. Even if she’s inexperienced, it’s gotta be better than being strapped to the underside of a wind-stretched ape of a man.


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