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Snow skiing and snowboarding

It’s winter. Too cold to go to the beach. Too cold to get shot in the ass by a paintball. Too cold to… well, do pretty much any outside bachelor party ideas.

Cut up the slopes at a snow fields bucks party
Cut up the slopes at a snow fields bucks party

So, instead of being a group of hermits, how ‘bout doing something that’s especially designed for a winter bachelor party like hurtling down the side of a hill covered in slippery white fluffy stuff while you pray to the gods to miss those trees dead ahead.

If that sounds like a prayer likely to be said by you and the rest of the crew, best to make sure you book some skiing lessons or snowboarding lessons. Just make sure you ask for the lycra clad ski-bunny instructor instead of the muscle clad Sven.

Now, you could make it a day out for the boys, but I reckon you’re better off making at least a weekend of it. Get the boys to dig a little deeper into their pockets and make a ski slopes bucks party really fly.

True, it takes a bit more organising to get away to the ski fields for a few days for this crackin’ bachelor party idea, but it’ll be worth it.

We’ve all seen those old movies where a bunch of fellas hire out an exclusive ski-in ski-out ski lodge for a week and are served by scantily-clad Swedish supermodel-type ski bunnies, sipping hot toddies in the hot tub… all fells with clothes on of course… this could be the bucks party your organising.

But it doesn’t have to be like a bad 70’s porn movie. Just getting away to the ski fields with the boys to mark this momentous occasion for the buck will be an awesome experience. Mix it up with some booze, cigars, cards and kickin’ tunes and you’ll have a weekend to remember.

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