Songs make awesome bucks party ideas

I love music and I love video clips. Songs make awesome bucks party ideas.

Sure, you can listen to a song on the wireless (that’s an iTunes download to the kids of today) and imagine what the band are doing while thrashing out the tunes, but there is a creative genius that has done all that interpreting for you… and we’ve pulled out the bucks party ideas!

Songs make awesome bucks party ideas: 5 of the best

Cake by the Ocean (by DNCE)

Just like everyone else, we have no idea what the song is actually about, but that’s OK. It’s set on the beach and kicks off with an on beach dance off to DNCE – who is playing live on the beach, which is a great start. Then at 1 minute and 50 seconds, enter the pony-tail toting, hipster glasses donning, European swimming trunk wearing, tattoo blazened cake-fight challenger swaggers up the beach. The crowd goes wild.

He dodges, he swerves, he manipulates that oiled up body of his… Everyone proceeds to have a cake fight on the beach. Why do I hear you say??? Because cake, that’s why. Now, stop looking for a deep meaning and start planning your cake throwing bucks party on the beach.

Frankie Sinatra (by The Avalanches)

The clip for this one is a little crazy. Everyone in this sideshow-ally of a town trip out on hallucinogenics and get crazy. In the real world they look like a bunch of fools trying to do things they really have no business trying, but through the eyes of their tripping friends, they are the most capable performers on earth.

Flying like a angel with beautiful white wings, flapping a beach towel over year head achieves that. Reenacting your favourite car chase shootout, no worries with a couple of swamp boats and paint ball guns. But be careful with the paint ball guns, you might get flashbacks to ‘Nam if you’re not careful.

Dance off (by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Idris Elba)

So, this clip is pretty literal to its name. A series of dance offs triggered in unlikely places – weddings, diners, gyms, hotel foyers, shopping centre massage stands, you know, all the typcal dance-off locations. It seems the dance-off antagonist possesses a superpower that makes the poor and unsuspecting patrons bust out their best moves instead of decking one another.

This song gives a great buck-challenge for the night… Call out ‘dance off’ and the Buck has to challenge the closest stranger to dance off. If he finds a challenger and wins the dance off, the posse drinks. If the bucks can’t find a challenger or loses the dance off, he drinks.

Sweat (By Snoop Dogg)

Vegas. Limos. Penthouse suites. Pools. Shower rooms. White quilted tuxedo jacket. While Snoop wrote this song and directed its clip for Prince William’s bachelor party, this is the type of bucks party you definitely need to get a few OKs before you put it on the agenda. It takes a very special bucks crew that’ll have the funds and nerve to pull this off, and a very liberal wife to still say I Do after these shenanigans.

Dangerous (by David Guetta feat. Sam Martin)

Guetta’s Dangerous smokes up a plethora of awesome track side bucks party ideas. Kicking around billy karts, buzzing slot cars and pinging F1 open wheelers, this video clip lays all forms of motor-sports on the table for the bucks party, healthy rivalry throughout and hugs and mate ship at the end.

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